A platonic love letter to Ms. Johansson

Es de justicia manifestar mi simpatía y admiración por una gran actriz que demuestra un valor extraordinario, Ms. Johansson AKA Scarlett Johansson

Dear Ms. Johansson

The latest events have almost forced me to manifest my sincere admiration for you as a person and for your work as an actress. It appears that accidentally we are on the same boat at the moment.

Ms. Johansson, Comic-Con, San Diego 2019, @Gage_Skidmore
Ms. Johansson, Comic-Con, San Diego 2019, @Gage_Skidmore

I discovered you in Lost in Translation (2003). I know, it is a shame I didn’t remember I had seen you in Just Cause (1995) and The Horse Whisperer (1998). Only when checking your earlier filmography I rediscovered your earlier works.

I have enjoyed your roles in many films, specially when you depict a strong, be it physically or mentally, woman. I loved your character, Natalia Romanoff/Black Widow, in the Marvel saga. And I definitely enjoyed your performances in Luc Besson’s Lucy, in Jojo Rabbit and in Under The Skin, that had to wait for 7 years to reach the big screen in Spain.

Ms. Johansson, I must confess that your smile defeats me. And in your latest depiction of Black Widow character, you show that a woman can be strong enough to not need the help of the strong men, and at the same time be warm enough to behave as a charming and caring older sister. Had I had a daughter, I would have loved her to be as strong and charming as your character.

And now, like a real superheroine, you have shown the courage to confront one of the majors. And suddenly the magic exploded and it seems possible that others could follow your tune. Sincerelly, I am waiting for the likes of Dennis Villeneuve and whether their words are followed by their actions.

As I stated at the begining of my letter, we are at the same boat. We re fighting for the cinematic experience, although I suspect for different reasons. But being on the side of an Avenger, makes me feel I am joining the fight against a great evil.

Ms. Johansson, thank you for the great performances, thank you for the depiction of strong and powerful women and thank you for this blast of emotion. I assure you that you have encouraged me and many cinema lovers to keep our relentles fight. I hope that your actions will also encourage many cinema professionals to do the same.

Best regards and keep on fighting… and performing

Ms. Johansson en Under The Skin
Ms. Johansson en Under The Skin

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